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DotNetNuke is a web content management system based on Microsoft ASP.Net, originally written in VB.NET, the developer base since been shifted to C# since version 6.0. There are three editions of the DotNetNuke community edition, Professional and Enterprise version, all versions have specific features targeting a particular set of users.

DNN is the most widely used .NET CMS platform for building application and rich website in Microsoft DotNet. The DotNetNuke provides stability, security and support for business-critical applications and is available at a substantially lower cost than alternative proprietary CMS or application development platform solutions.

Dotnetnuke is the top-rated web content management system and also known as the CMS which you must surely opt for you business and for growing the business. We have the best team of developers and programmers to know about and they have the best knowledge in providing the dotnetnuke services for the clients worldwide.

Our Dotnetnuke developers have the experience of 7+years and they help you with the best Dotnetnuke services which will help you to make good profits in your business with each passing day. We follow different methods and also the wide range of the DotNetNuke services to the customers and the clients around the globe also. We also have good expertise in the technologies for providing the best services by making use of the technological advancement also.

We are certified and well-established AngularJs web development company bringing you the best solutions and support for this amazing open source web application framework-maintained by Google.

We make use of Angular 2, a powerful development framework by google that targets the dynamic views in web applications. With this advanced technology, we can extend HTML vocabulary and build well-structured and rich applications in a modular fashion. We build highly interactive and data-driven web & mobile applications using AngularJS.

With the growing demand of interactive designs on websites and Mobiles. Business wants scalable applications with sophisticated features. We provide Angular Js mobile app development services to create page application that only requires HTML, CSS & JavaScript to the client side. The use of this framework helps to extend HTML vocabulary and create well-structured & rich applications in a modular fashion.

Being an event driven, server side Javascript runtime for highly scalable and real time applications, Node.JS is a source of speedy development and compelling solution for the development procedure where iteration usually engrosses working on straight up openings.

Node.JS is a platform built on chrome’s Java script runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.JS uses an event-driven, non blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Node.JS is built on V8 javascript engine, which makes google chrome so fast.

We Provide Node.JS Development Services

  • Consolidate Angular.JS development with different server side technologies like Node.JS, ASP.NET, JSP/JAVA,, PHP, Ruby on Rails etc.
  • Node.JS API, Plug-ins and Ajax development
  • Web/Mobile Application UI/UX Developer uses Node.JS
  • Node.JS Development consulting and Maintenance
  • In node.js, node package manager works widely
  • It is plain sailing for sharing packages of library code

It is customer relationship management (CRM) tools that enable companies to make Smarter, Better, sell effectively & Productively by providing business intelligence, productivity & social insights.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM software has been designed in such a way that it is a complete customer relationship management package with features for managing customers, suppliers, vendors & partners effectively. Microsoft dynamic provides plain sailing way to create, save and reusing the favourite views of the customer data without any harm to the unwanted data as such.

Our commendable developers at KAJABI TECHNOLOGIES have prowess in developing the best in class websites by making use of the Microsoft CRM development which gives best user-experience to the clients. All our developers have knack in developing quality-oriented web designing and development for different clients around the globe.

This is the best customer relationship management which is developed by Microsoft. This focus on the Sales, Marketing, service sectors, Dynamics CRM is the top-notch client-server application which is more or less similar to the Microsoft Sharepoint.

Microsoft has been marketing Dynamics CRM as the XRM Platform which helps to encourage the partners for using .NET based framework for customising it. The IIS-based web application which also supports the web service interfaces. Clients will be able to access Dynamic CRM by 2 methods, either using the Browser or by thick client-plugin to the Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also has huge customer-base.

we have a team of dedicated Sales force Developers who are continuously working with our customers for developing customised solutions inside Sales force to achieve their business needs and requirements. Sales force User Interface allows good customisation which is very easy for business users to do themselves. If there is any complex customisation or third party integration, then in that case Sales force offers development method for the sales force developers for developing the same. We are the offshore Sales force development company having 7+ years of rich experience in developing customised solutions for Sales force CRM.

Salesforce Development in Demand

we keep updated with new technologies and we have provided with best IT solutions in Sales force projects to the clients of various industries around the globe. We have expertise in developing sales force custom applications with the use of Visual Force and Apex.

Sales Force Functions Expanded by Creating Customised Applications:

There has been advancement in Sales force integration techniques, so the customers opt for the Sales force services which have advanced features. Sales force also provides developer tools which expands the feature of Sales force. Sales force platform resides in a cloud and thus require certain practices which a development firm must keep updated of. The engineers at our company are highly experienced and skilled with Sales force APIs, Apex, Sales force One and also Visual Force technology. We provide best in class Sales force development service to our customers.

We have been working in SharePoint since last 7+ Years & have implemented over 100 projects for our global clients worldwide using SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2016, office 365- Share point online 2007 (WSS 3.0/ MOSS 2007), & more. We have a dedicated team of 150+ members who are trusted & vouched by clients for technical expertise & delivery excellence in executing SharePoint projects of all sizes.

SharePoint is very important because it is Microsoft social & collaboration platform, used by many companies, with over 120 million users. According to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is representing a new way to share your work with others. Design & Branding is a key element in any SharePoint implementation.

SharePoint Development Services

we have catered SharePoint clients worldwide in diverse industries such as IT, Health Care, Education, Telecom, Utilities & others.

We comes with an extensive experience & knowledge about best practices in SharePoint development to improve your overall organisational performance.

our developers have prowess in developing different kinds of websites using recent technological trends like Share point development. The Share point is being used for creating different kinds of websites by the shared documents or dedicated applications like the blogs, forums, etc. It makes it hassle for the developers to develop feature-rich websites hassle free and without taking much time.

Parse has turned out to be the perfect platform for the app developers in developing the app backend. The startups can use the Parse backend for free of cost till they go for the critical user base. Parse is the ready framework for all the renowned mobile operating system like iOS, Android, Windows phone. Developing apps through Parse takes very less time and it is economical for developing apps by using Parse.

Parse App Development Services

Parse is the best platform for app development because feature-rich apps are being developed using Parse. Various brands like Emporia Armani, Deloitte, etc believe on Parse for their apps. Parse app development is used for creating wonderful apps for various kinds of categories like health and fitness, lifestyle, social networking, e-commerce, travel based, etc.

By the use of Parse, the application development is carried on without any hassle and development of applications is done at a rapid pace too. The parse is known well for development of feature-rich and function rich apps at a rapid pace for the leading operating systems. These apps are constructed with native framework components and also provides a good deal of flexibility to a lot of extent.

Parse is highly favoured among the developers as it also offers the local datastore which is meant for saving of the data locally without any such requirement of creating own SQLite database. Even mobile app backend is is provided by Parse and there is no such creation required for the tables for storing the data. It has best support on various data types and good for supporting relation between various objects like relational rables in RDBMS database.

SugarCRM is the commercial open source CRM, which has amazing flexibility and it provides various kinds of IT services as per the business needs. CRM means Customer Relationship Management. SugarCRM is highly favoured than other CRMs available.

For any business, Customer relationship management is the important part. SugarCRM is the most significant open source CRM solution which is favoured for customising and developing the market activity management, managing sales, managing payment module, providing customer support, managing accounts of the clients, etc. We have an adroit team of SugarCRM developers, who deal in all these mentioned fields and provide effective customization services to the clients.

SugarCRM Development Services

We have a commendable team of SugarCRM developers. Our team of SugarCRM developers have wonderful knowledge of Linux, MySQL, PHP, Apache. They keep themeselves updated with the recent technologies and latest versions of SugarCRM. We are admired for providing quality-oriented and cost-effective SugarCRM customization services at reasonable prices.

SugarCRM is the amazing open source Customer Relationship Management software which empowers an enterprise for meeting all the CRM requirements for smooth running of the business. It is the perfect software solution which is created to control and monitor the customer information, clients’ request, sales leads, business leads and various other details related with the sales and marketing department in the organisation.

Zoho CRM is a web-based online office suite. It is backed with various features like word processing, databases, spreadsheets, databases, wikis, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), web conferencing, and many other applications which is developed by ZOHO Corporation, a California based company.

Zoho CRM Development Services :

Zoho makes use of open application programming interface for its writer, sheet, and Planner products. It also has the plugins in Microsoft word and Excel, plug-in for Firefox, OpenOffice.org plugin. Zoho is different from other CRM solutions, because the free edition also has the rich functions. The function-rich zoho goes best for the start-ups and the small businesses. Every record type in Zoho, called as “module” has own tab where the records can be observed either in complete list or in individual form, this stunning feature makes Zoho the highly admired CRM solution. It is much easier for you to connect to the end-users and resolve to their business issues.

Zoho CRM provides various advantages like the zoho mail which provides strong email features with best storage facility. Users will also be able to find the emails which have been received by them without any hassle. Zoho also provides class apart interface and through this users can easily search the features they require as such. The technical support is always available online and so this makes it easy ot grasp by the developers. Zoho helps the users in creating the documents and also share the same by the use of Zoho documents These particular documents can also be published to any other blog or website which is in the Zoho. Zoho CRM is helpful for users in generating various reports according to their choices.

Gambling is a business of no limits. Sports betting and online gambling have opened fortune doors to a market where gambling enthusiasts can show their skills by playing and betting online. With the growth of technology, betting websites and mobile apps are also growing rapidly. For bettors, it has become more and more feasible to stay updated on sports events even on the go.

Sports betting software development make it easy for online gamblers to track their play status, control settings, and update their account details in a breeze. With Sports betting software, sports bettors and online gamblers can place their bet conveniently using user-friendly sports betting websites or mobile apps which is independent of your location.

This app feature provides you with a fully secure service after registration and the register information is fully compatible but not sharable with anyone. that is controlled by an application administrator which allows the user to use better feature and play. Furthermore, the application process of gambling is easier to usable and user-friendly.

Being versed in online solutions, We have developed brilliant, highly functional, fast, convenient, and feature-packed sports betting websites (Soccer betting application betting, Cricket match betting application, Baseball match betting application, Horse racing match betting application) and online gambling mobile apps. If you have an idea, just brief us about it and we can help you transform it as soon as possible into a profitable reality.

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